My home and art studio is located in Upcountry Maui on the gentle slope of Haleakala in the Hawaiian islands. I started my professional art career in the early 90’s. Since then, I have worked extensively in both two and three dimensional mediums. My current work is a culmination of knowledge and experience from both of those genres with a focus on surface and design.

My artistic philosophy is that a good abstract painting speaks in a completely different language, one that is not totally definable by words or completely understood.  It encompasses an honest and natural truth.  Whenever I create a new piece of art I simply work to find this truth, to push myself, and to reach a place where I can discover something new.

Over the last 25 years, I have been represented by several established fine art galleries, participated in numerous exhibitions, received many awards and prestigious commissions, and sold thousands of unique works. As a result, my art resides in many public and private collections around the world including the state of Hawaii permanent collection.